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Intelligentpipe is a Big Data SW Company serving Telecommunications Industry. Company develops Analytics products, improving Mobile Operators' business and operational processes.

About the company

Intelligentpipe was founded in 2012 by Telecom and Financial experts having tens of years of industry expertise. Our offices are located in Finland, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia and in the Philippines, and we have representative offices in the UAE, Indonesia and Iran.


Intelligentpipe automated analytics is addressing the growing financial challenges at Telco space

The inconvenient financial scenario ...

growing investment need, flat data ARPU, Declining profit

... as heard from CxO's

"... It has always been a challenge to get a complete and unified picture of customer, financial and technical operations..."

"... This is not about technology game any more, but rather financial survival game..."

"... Being first at the market with 4G, 5G or whatever common service, does not guarantee anything else but you spend more than the others..."

"... We are pretty sure our over investments are the major contributor slowing us down and forcing us to overlook and ignore so many other good new business ideas..."

"... We know we’ve got data about everything, but obviously we’re not organized to manage it, or maybe we just do not have right tools to get it done..."


Intelligentpipe solution delivers unified understanding on key business drivers across the organization for accurate and timely decision making

Investments planning

Intelligentpipe automatically recognizes and prioritizes areas, locations and services, based on the business severity, where improvements are needed. Our solution is also able to predict ROI for the prioritized activities.

Customer Operations

How to focus on offering right services, at the right time, on right locations? Intelligentpipe will improve communication between typically de-coupled marketing and technical operations for common understanding on the next to-do operations.

Intelligentpipe provides a clear understanding on subscriber demand in a very detailed level combined with information of technical capability for delivering requested services.

Network Operations

Based on the desired severity type (business, technical, customer group, location strategy…) , Intelligentpipe will automatically reveal root causes, as well as impact to the business, customers and network utilization.

Financial Operations

For CTO’s: “Automatically argumented investment plans just by pressing one button”

For CFO’s: “Credible business cases for easier budget release”

Idea is not just to get accurate plans fast, but also to shorten budgeting cycle for more accurate timing following more optimized return.


Intelligentpipe AxS product is a modular product enabling operator to choose proper set of analytics to fulfil the needs of the organization, whether it be financial analysis, customer operations, network technical performance or any combination of these.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Fast, Automated, Easy, Visual and Informative

User Interface

Product Modules and related Services

Product Modular Structure


... "I am convinced that also other communication service providers have similar challenges identifying optimal network asset investment as ourselves. The presented methodology based on analytics and scenarios could potentially fill this need in the telecommunication space. I sincerely believe this approach is unique and potentially disruptive in our industry"...
- CEO, Large Asian Telecom Operator

... "Solution seems to be completely unique and focusing on giving answers for not yet solved challenges management has:

1. Automated future business modeling including e.g. investments and services offering by efficiently utilizing both current and history data.
2. New type of visual user experience, ensuring seamless information flow between the different user groups ensuring faster and more accurate decision making.
3. Close to real time monetized analysis, providing completely new way for planning operational tasks driven by financial initiatives…”
- CEO, Europe

... "The initial conclusions supported our expectations: The AxS reporting tool was able to produce visualised information in near-real time on revenue, lost revenue, release causes and thus shortened our reaction time for network planning updates and revisions.

It was also clear that with more comprehensive integration and additional AxS applications we can more effectively not only analyse our current network performance and revenue generation but also create scenarios on what future investment plans would generate with expected traffic patterns. We have already provided some suggestions for upcoming features that we see supporting our specific use cases and needs.

Specifically we shall be able to run independently management views, investment analysis and scenarios that we have earlier compiled manually. The main benefit I personally enjoyed was the ability to see the big picture of network’s financial performance in simplified illustration while still able to drill down to details" ...
- Management team member, Asian Telecom Operator


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  • Global; Myanmar

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    +62 878 3543 5708 (Indonesia)
    +95 925 334 0112 (Myanmar)
    +63 916 228 1770 (Philippines)
    +65 9776 0261 (Singapore)

  • Indonesia

    Yanuar Pribadi

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    +95 9 45296 7872 (Myanmar)

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  • Middle East and Africa

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Management Team

The Board


Sales Director - South East Asia

We are looking for a dynamic Telecom B2B sales professional for taking overall sales responsibility in South-East Asia. Our current key markets are in Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Your key tasks will be both supporting our sales teams, as well as hunting for the new cases, including new country entries. We assume you’ll be the person eventually closing the deals. You will report to CEO of the company.

Big Data Analytics - Quality Assurance (QA) Developer

We are looking for a proactive QA Developer to ensure our big data product meets the production level requirements while deployed into the live network; You will be planning, coding and executing automated test cases (including calculation algorithms) - debugging the issues and reporting the overall development progress based on the data from functional and non-functional testing. You will be working very hands on with our development platform and you will play a constructive role in our agile SW development team.

Big Data Analytics - Telco Adaptation SW Developer

We are looking for a systematic and detail oriented Telco Adaptation SW Developer to ensure our big data product can be properly deployed in multi-vendor operator networks; You do have systems engineering mindset to define sustainable telecommunications data adaptation solutions and implement those using Scala as the programming language. You will ensure your code sustains well peer review and does not leak unnecessary bugs downstream. You will work as an integral part in our agile SW development team.

Big Data Analytics Visualization - User Interface SW Developer

We are looking for an enthusiastic UI SW Developer to further help us on transitioning our UI framework into a highly flexible and customizable state of the art Business Analytics environment. You will be developing solutions and system design for new user interface features.

Big Data Analytics Performance Specialist, Apache Spark

We are looking for a systems engineering talent to help us on taking the next steps ensuring our solution meets the set performance targets and provides sustainable scaling path towards the future needs;

You do have strong systems engineering skillset to design, model, dimension and performance optimize our scalable big data platform. You need to dig deep on analyzing and troubleshooting performance measurement data to draw conclusions and define actions for the development team. You will be validating new technologies to support continuous performance development and you are comfortable on SW development using Scala as the programming language.

For questions related to the Sales Director open position you may contact juho.seppala(at)intelligentpipe.com, for other positions jari.salo(at)intelligentpipe.com